DavidDavid's Genealogy Page

This page contains two things:
  1. My family tree, in the form of a GEDCOM file, that can be browsed with a Java applet.
  2. Assorted documents, notes and pictures about some of my ancestors.

What's New?

Family Tree Java Applet

This applet lets you explore the family tree database.  Since this includes information about living people, a username and password are required to access it.  Email me if you don't know your username and password.

The applet provides five different views of the genealogy data:
All of the detail information for the individual being displayed including parents, spouses, and children. Clicking on a parent, spouse, or child will display the family group view for that selected parent, spouse, or child.
Displays a four generation pedigree chart for an individual. Also lists spouses and children of the individual at the root of the tree. Birth and death information is displayed for a person as the mouse cursor travels over that individual. You can navigate up the tree by clicking on an ancestor.
Any notes on an individual, such as sources for information.
Lists all individuals in the data base in alphabetical order by last name, and allows you to search for a particular surname of interest.
Shows counts of all unique surnames contained in the database. The list can be ordered alphabetically by surname or by the frequency the surname appears in the file.

Family Tree Charts

Currently available charts: Let me know if there are other ancestor or descendant charts that you'd like to see. 

Technical Issue with Viewing the Charts














Thanks to the following people for contributing to this web site:
  1. Charles Esson has contributed a great deal of information based on extensive research.
  2. Bob Lindsay Smith provided a GEDCOM file with lots of data. He also contributed the images of the marriage certificates of our grandmother, Maisie Dummett, and the obituary of Robert Dummett from the North Devon Journal.
  3. Frances Bowen contributed some notes from Charles Esson, including the Esson and Gray family trees.
  4. Isobel Bowen contributed the note by Judge Ivor Bowen. She also got me started on all this with initial information about the Smiths and the Essons.
  5. Ivor Richard Bowen contributed photographs of Ivor Bowen, Maisie Dummett, John Bowen-Jones, Ann (Owen) Bowen-Jones, and Mary (Griffiths) Bowen. He also contributed information about his children and grand-children, as well as extracts from the Dictionary of Welsh Biography and The Times concerning Ivor Bowen and his father John Bowen Jones.
  6. Katy Deragon filled in a number of birth dates and places.
  7. Moira Knackstedt provided information about William Smith's and Alexander Smith's descendents.
  8. Roger Chubb provided the pictures of Robert Dummett the Blind Postman, his son Robert Dummett, and the Gould brothers. Roger also contributed indirectly to this web site by contributing to the LDS database the data on Dummetts and Goulds that I got from there.
  9. Lucy King provided information about her family.
  10. Anne Bell let me know that I had confused two different Joseph Dummetts.