Joseph Dummett found in:

Census Records: Ontario, Canada, 1871

District:  Oxford South     Sub-district:  Oxford East     
Birth year range:  1846-1847     Age:  24     
Gender:  Male     Birthplace:  
Ethnic origin:  English     Religious affiliation:  Church of England, Anglican     
Occupation:  Farmer     Division:  2     
Microfilm roll #:  C-9911     Page:  31     
Head of household comment:  This person is listed as a head of household.     

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Joseph Dummett found in:

Census Records: United Kingdom, 1851

Relationship:  Son     Marriage status:  ???     
Age at census:  5     Gender:  M     
Scholar     Place of birth:  Braunton, Devonshire, England     
Enumeration district:  Braunton Barnst     County:  
Nenton Street, Barns     Family number:  1204556     
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Joseph Dummett found in:

Passenger and Immigration Index, 1500s-1900s

Place:  Ontario     Year:  1871     
Age:  24     
Primary immigrant:  Dummett, Joseph     
Permanent entry number:  3930102     
Source publication code:  1823.25     
Source publication page number:  36     
Source publication:  ELLIOTT, BRUCE S. Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario:
Oxford. Toronto: Ontario Genealogical Society, 1991. 150p.     
Source annotation:  Date and place of census. Census films are available from the National Archives of Canada in
Ottawa. Place of birth, sex of the immigrant, religion, ethnicity, occupation, district, subdistrict, division, and page number of original record are also provided.     
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