Session of Cairney


Compeared ex cit. Margaret Davidson adhering to her accusation of William Thomson, who was called but did not appear. Having been rebuked and admonished she was cited apud tiefa[??] to appear on the first Sunday of September and the Session instructed their clerk to have the man again cited to appear on that day. The woman produced satisfactory certificates.
Eodie[??] Compeared Isabella Gray residing at Ardonald. Confessing herself guilty of the sin of uncleanness and accusing as her partner in guilt John Mair, Police Constable, Hartnell by Whitburn from whom she produced a written acknowledgement of the paternity of her illegitimate child. She was then rebuked & admonished and cited apud Alta[??] to appear on the first Sunday of September.

Session Closed with prayer.


James Wilson, Session Clerk.
accuses Mair
At Church of Cairney 5th September 1880
Which day the Kirk Session of Cairney being met and Constituted, sederunt the Rev. John Annaud, Moderator and Messrs Alexr Morrison (2), Alex. Donald, David Hay, & John McPherson, Elders, and Wilson, Clerk

Compeard pro 2do[??] Isabella Gray, professing penitence, and having been suitably [rebuked and admonished was absolved from Church censure and restored to Church privileges.]
Gray absolved

National Archives of Scotland
Fee paper number: B31170
National Archives of Scotland Reference: CH2/1240/6

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    1. Compeared: in Scottish law, to appear before a court
    2. Sederunt: Latin word introducing a list of the people attending a session
    3. apud: Latin word meaning ???