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Edith Maisie Dummett     Compact Disc #35     Pin #131584
Sex: F

Birth:  1885 Place: 

Father:  Robert Dummett     Disc #35     Pin #131573
Mother:  Helen Gould     Disc #35     Pin #131574

Spouse:  Ivor Bowen     Disc #35     Pin #131594
Marriage:  Place: 
Spouse:  Jack Gould     Disc #35     Pin #131686
Marriage:  Place: 

Notes and Sources:
Notes:  None
Sources: None

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CD-ROM:  Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #35
CD-ROM Features:  Pedigree View, Family View, Individual View, Reports, Downloadable GEDCOM files, Notes and Sources.
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About FamilySearch Pedigree Resource File:
The Pedigree Resource File is a new lineage linked database of records available on compact disc containing family history records submitted by individuals through FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service. Family information is organized in family groups and pedigrees and includes submitted notes and sources. Many charts and reports can be printed from this data. Each disc contains about 1.1 million names. With the publication of every five discs, a master index for those discs will also be published and packaged with that set of discs. Discs may be purchased individually or as sets.

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Submitter information is provided to help in the coordination of personal family history research. Use of this information for any other purpose, including marketing, advertising, or commercial solicitation, is strictly prohibited.

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